Herb of the Month


          Stinging Nettle
          (Urtica dioica)

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Specializing in Unique and Individualized Integrated Herbalism

I combine herbal knowledge from several different cultures including traditional Chinese medicine, Aryuvedic medicine, Native American medicine, Eclectic medicine and others, creating a careful plan for the recovery of your body's own balance.


I practiced chiropractic care for 20 years before following a passion to concentrate fully on natural herbal medicine. Many times, my recommendations will include plants that grow naturally in MN or WI (and are considered WEEDS!). I spend a large part of the spring and summer not only harvesting and wild crafting my own herbal remedies, but giving educational plant identification walks and talks to the public.

  Kids especially seem to sense how important it is to learn about these plants and the herb walks that include them always make my day. Most educational classes take place around the St. Croix River Valley because this area has a bounty of natural areas to showcase these plants that grow so tenaciously. Check out my schedule...upcoming workshops for classes, and wild food club page for the upcoming Wild Food Potluck!

              HERBAL                WORKSHOPS FOR 2014
     SO FAR!
    April:  Tree Medicine
                    Spring Ephemerals!
               Lyme Talk
   May:   Beginning Mushrooms
              (join mushroom club!)
              Medicine Garden
              Spring Awakenings
June:   Infusions/Salves
             Wild Plant Retreat
              Plant Identification Walk
              Wild Food Potluck
              St. John'swort day

   July :  Philadelphia Farm Plant    
             Identification Walk

August:  Wild River State Park

   Sept Standing Cedars
           Plant identification walk




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